Structure Determination by X-Ray Crystallography

Three-Dimensional Crystallographic Structure Determination

X-Ray Crystallography

HarkerBIO's research team provides a full suite of services to help you solve difficult structures with speed and accuracy. We utilize state of the art software, augmented by decades of solution and refinement experience, to rapidly solve crystal structures of macromolecules and complexes. Our structure determination and x-ray crystallography process analyzes the fold and unique structure of your macromolecule, and we also provide publication-ready manuscripts and images.

X-ray crystallography and x-ray structure determination form a critical component of our gene-to-structure pipeline. We have access to several high-brilliance synchrotron beam lines at APS and CLS - as well as access to SSRL via a partner company. Additionally, our secure data server uses advanced encryption to safeguard the privacy of your proprietary data.

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