Structure-Based Drug Design

Decades of Combined Structure Biology Expertise

Structure biology depends on the design and production of high quality protein. To date HarkerBIO has a team of 12 outstanding scientists dedicated to protein/protein complexes, kinases, proteases, protein folding and refolding, epigenetic targets, membrane proteins, and antibodies. We use rational design of constructs based on 15 years of experience across all target classes, including post-translational modifications and labeling (e.g. 15N, 13C, Se-Met, fluorophors, biotin, etc.).

Protein Production and Crystallization

Our optimized high-yield expression platforms as well as our partner-specific systems for mammalian cells, insect cells, E. coli, and yeast fermentation can all be run in our Buffalo, NY labs within HWI. At HarkerBIO, we have industrialized our purification process and crystallization screenings to ensure we reduce as much as possible the chance of missing an opportunity for detection and crystallization of your target, without extending our timelines and cost.

HarkerBIO is also the only partner fully invested in a one-stop suite of techniques enabling comprehensive protein biophysical characterization. Some of our most effective techniques include SPR, DLS, thermostability profiling, batch specific crystallization, activity analysis, stability testing, and endotoxin levels detection. These techniques are integrated effectively into our structure-based drug design process, ensuring the accuracy of our protein production and purification.

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