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HarkerBIO is a diverse research service provider within the structural biology, drug discovery, and protein development arena. We are happy to help you with any research needs that focus on proteins - be it structural studies, optimization, or discovery.

Services that we offer include:

HarkerBIO Can Help Your Drug Discovery Pipeline

Our areas of expertise include therapeutic discovery (small molecules or biologics), protein design and optimization, natural diversity exploration, custom proteins, biochemistry, assay development, and other related disciplines.

We are immediately available to provide you with the highest level of service with rapid turn-around at very reasonable cost. Our expertise in structural biology and protein optimization is at your disposal - we can help you accomplish your research objectives and drive your projects forward. We expedite your work through the application of our deep expertise in structural biology, drug discovery, and protein design/optimization. Additionally we offer help with screening natural biodiversity of proteins, the design and discovery of custom proteins, biochemistry/biophysics, assay design, and scientific consulting.

We have a proven track record of successful R&D partnerships with both industry and academia and our scientific team has decades of experience in handling tough protein targets. Teaming with HarkerBIO will engage our highly trained and experiences scientists and state-of-the-art infrastructure in support of you organization's R&D projects.

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