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Protein Optimization and Crystallization
We are proud to offer your company our services in protein optimization and protein design. HarkerBio has successfully tackled many project types by means of our structure-based protein optimization and design process.

Structure-Based Protein Design

If you have an enzyme activity that you'd like to optimize we can execute a Design Campaign for you - to increase the activity towards your target values (Vmax, Km, or Vmax/Km criteria). We also have proven methods for thermal and/or proteolytic stability optimization. We can help you mitigate the effects of pH, ionic strength, solvents, etc. on your protein of interest - or we can deliberately destabilize your protein to elicit degradation or inactivation in specific environments (e.g. for detergent applications).
HarkerBio also can enhance the stability of a macromolecular complex (protein-protein, protein-ligand, or protein-DNA), or we can help you optimize its specificity/selectivity. If you have Activity in mind (but you've not yet picked a sequence that works for you) we can help you explore natural diversity of protein folds and function to select a highly effective natural protein, for further optimization. We are highly skilled in finding IP-friendly sequences for your needs.
Please contact us - we are ready to listen to your needs! Also, please take a look at our protein production services, as well as our monthly crystallization screening.

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