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Membrane Protein Crystallization ServicesStructural characterization of membrane proteins is a vital component in efforts to understand the processes behind many disease states. Membrane protein crystallization is hampered by the requirement of detergent, which is used to extract the protein from the lipid bilayer to form a protein-detergent complex (PDC). Hartmut Michel and other early pioneers of membrane protein crystallization research observed the formation of crystals near the phase boundary of the detergent used to form the PDC. Understanding the variables associated with detergent phase behavior and crystallogenesis enables their rational modulation.

We have generated chemically diverse phase boundary data utilizing dye-based phase partitioning and eleven detergents commonly used to crystallize membrane proteins. The resulting data have been used to guide the formulation of a 1536-cocktail membrane protein crystallization screen. The experimentally derived phase boundary data and the 1536-well membrane screen are now available through the high-throughput crystallization facility at HarkerBIO.

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