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High-Throughput Protein Crystallization at HWI

Researchers at HarkerBIO have developed one of the most advanced and efficient protein crystallization facilities available to remove the drug target structure determination bottleneck. HarkerBIO offers protein crystal screening and optimization services.

Our patented high-throughput crystallization systems offer a high rate of success for important, time-sensitive samples. To learn how these advanced capabilities can become integrated with your drug/therapeutic development, take a look at our gene-to-structure pipeline.

The Fast Path to Drug Discovery

HarkerBIO is the gateway to crystallization with an established team of experts, advanced technologies and robust protocols. Less than ten minutes is required to convert a protein solution into a completed 1536 cocktail crystallization assay. The cocktails have been iteratively refined for more than a decade to maximize crystallization success. Multi-spectral imaging verifies protein crystals for downstream efficiency. The comprehensive, high-confidence HarkerBIO crystallization assay rapidly identifies your structural candidates.

HarkerBIO has an exclusive license to a patented high-throughput crystallization technology, as well as established protocols for sample anonymity and client confidentiality. We also have affiliation with established expertise and the necessary crystallization infrastructure, such as a $2 million crystallization laboratory, a state-of-the-art SONICC imaging system, and an extensive portfolio of 21.5 million crystallization experiments performed with 40% of the samples producing one or more verified protein crystals.

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